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Office chives

I started working in the Research Library of the American Museum of Natural History last week. The window of my office looks out to the Department of Anthropology’s fancy terrace outfitted with some pretty plants. And what are they growing, gentle readers? Garlic Chives! Beautiful, flowering garlic chives right outside my office window.

Enjoy some more pictures from the museum.


Chives Do A Body Good!

I came across this lovely article about the health benefits of chives during my morning Google searches (some people exercise or eat breakfast…I google). I especially enjoy that the article is on a site that promotes vegetarianism and vegetarian nutrition. Very nice!!!
The spring garden takes on a colorful attractive appearance when the chives (Allium schoenoprasum) bloom in May and June. The pretty lavender-pink globular flower heads of chives not only beautify the garden, but they can also be used as a garnish for salad dishes. Chives are also beneficial to rose bushes, since they emit an odor which discourages aphids. More

Urban Cultivation

Hello chive lovers! I recently moved to a great neighborhood in Brooklyn replete with tree-lined parks, various bars and restaurants, green markets, AND an urban garden. My landlords have graciously agreed to let me put a few potted herbs out on the fire escape, and while I am excited to step into the foray of personal urban gardening, I was thrilled to see the little green oasis that is Lentol Garden a mere block away from my house. Community urban garden has always been something I’ve wanted to try and the opportunity has certainly arrived.

From the Lentol Garden FAQ:  Lentol Garden is foremost a memorial garden dedicated to preserving the memory of Ed Lentol, a Greenpoint community leader. The Bayard Street entrance is home to the memorial portion of the green space, while the remainder of the garden is home to an assortment of trees, woodland shrubs and assortment of annual and perrienial plants. Four raised beds exist for vegetable gardening near the Graham Street gate.

Arvo Enjoys Chives!

My godson, Arvo, delights in chives for the first time! Clearly, this child knows good eatin’ when he sees it! Arvo and his parents, Chris and Caroline, live in Freiburg, Germany.

I Never Promised You A Chive Garden…

But, perhaps a few potted chive realities will suffice, gentle reader. There are a couple new installments of Naturally Nosey on the way! I’ll post one today and another in a few days. Stay tuned and keep the submissions coming!

Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future


I haven’t posted a damn thing since December 2007 and I feel pretty bad about that. Life has been busy–I know you are busy too– and I am well aware that “busy” isn’t an excuse. Please, rest assured that Chive Talk is alive! To quote my friend David, “Chive Talk is like a bird singing in my ribs.”

My dear friend, Jodi Rhoden, has been kicking some serious ass on her blog My Life In Cake! She has inspired me to write to my heart’s content about chives and the world beyond. I make no promises, chive lovers, but I hope to be a little more dedicated to this blog in the future.

All the love,
Chive Talk

Nature’s Majesty

In this peaceful video, a white moth and several bees chow down on some beautiful looking garlic chives. It reminds me that I should get out to enjoy nature’s majesty more often.