Naturally Nosey – Chives Will Bowl You Over

My pal Elizabeth Zeeuw from Montreal passed on this beauty from “The Onion.”

May 28, 2008Issue 44.22
NEW YORK—In response to flagging sales and plummeting prices, the American Chives Council launched a last-ditch advertising campaign Monday urging consumers to increase their daily chive intake by 12,000 percent. “There’s nothing like a hearty, fragrant helping of chives to jump-start your day,” celebrity spokeswoman Jessica Alba says in one of the new “Big Bowl o’ Chives in the Mornin'” commercials, which feature the actress smiling broadly with chives stuck in her teeth. “But that doesn’t mean eating a big bowl of chives is just for breakfast. The American Chives Council recommends three heaping servings a day. The bigger the better. Get some chives in ya!” Despite the push, analysts predict that the chive industry will continue to struggle, citing the ongoing repercussions of the ACC’s ill-fated 2005 split with the American Sour Cream Association.

I Never Promised You A Chive Garden…

But, perhaps a few potted chive realities will suffice, gentle reader. There are a couple new installments of Naturally Nosey on the way! I’ll post one today and another in a few days. Stay tuned and keep the submissions coming!

Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future


I haven’t posted a damn thing since December 2007 and I feel pretty bad about that. Life has been busy–I know you are busy too– and I am well aware that “busy” isn’t an excuse. Please, rest assured that Chive Talk is alive! To quote my friend David, “Chive Talk is like a bird singing in my ribs.”

My dear friend, Jodi Rhoden, has been kicking some serious ass on her blog My Life In Cake! She has inspired me to write to my heart’s content about chives and the world beyond. I make no promises, chive lovers, but I hope to be a little more dedicated to this blog in the future.

All the love,
Chive Talk

Nature’s Majesty

In this peaceful video, a white moth and several bees chow down on some beautiful looking garlic chives. It reminds me that I should get out to enjoy nature’s majesty more often.

Naturally Nosey – Herbs and Spices and Everything Nices

Look what the classy Aimee Shiwal found while cleaning out her recipe book!

I like that they suggest that one not overlook chive flowers.

To Your Health

We all know the culinary use of chives, but very seldom do we talk about the medicinal use of chives. Did you know that chives contain the following: Essential oils, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, allicin, alliin, and trace diosgenin? Neither did I!

It doesn’t stop there folks. Chives may also aid in the veterinary care of your livestock. For instance, did you know that if your cow is constipated, a mixture of chives and bran mash will gently cleanse its stomachs?! For real!

For more information about what chives can mean for your health, point your browser to Earth Notes.

Naturally Nosey – Drinking and Chiving is so Much Fun, Oi!

My good friend, Los Angeles based artist, C. Michael Frey, submitted the following for our enjoyment. I think the fellow in this video proves once again that it doesn’t pay to drink and chive!