It’s Only Natural

Tiki Chris is featuring a Halloween Skull Mask Project for his 31 Days of Halloween Madness. I submitted this piece. It’s composed of chives, fennel, radishes, and corn.


Gordon Ramsey says ‘You Can’t Cook!!!’

Without chives, that is. Chef Gordon Ramsey demonstrates how to make the perfect batch of scrambled eggs. Pay close attention at the end when Chef Ramsey adds the chives. His words pretty much sum up the chive power punch:

“And we’re gonna put a little touch of chives in there. And what that does…it just lifts the whole flavor of the scrambled egg, and just makes it a little more sexy. “ “…I like putting chives in there.”

So do I, Chef Ramsey. So do I.

Naturally Nosey – The Devil Inside

Welcome to the first installment of Naturally Nosey. My devilish friend, Tiki Chris, submitted this excellent recipe for Deviled Eggs. Chris, a native of Chickamauga, Georgia, is always on the hunt for new and interesting things to do with chives…it’s his southern roots. Now living in London, Chris can often be found wandering the city streets exploring the world of English chives. His insatiable curiosity is what makes Chris Naturally Nosey!

Someone Stole My Chives

A terrifying tale of chive thievery.

One for the arCHIVE

Upon hearing that Yum Yum, a Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai “fusion” take away near King’s Cross offered a starter and main lunch combo for a mere £4.20, Londonist got the yen for some fried rice.

Our friend Tiki Chris wrote a very intriguing restaurant review for Londonist last month and he took this photo of their fried rice accented with a sprinkling of chives. Chris has certainly captured the razzle and the dazzle that is the chive essence. Thank you Tiki Chris!!!

Photo by Tiki Chris © 2007

Naturally Nosey

Hello chive lovers! It’s time for reader participation. I am starting a series of posts titled ‘Naturally Nosey!’ If you’ve ever wanted to start a rumor about a fellow chive lover or create an urban myth about chives, then this is your chance. ‘Naturally Nosey’ will be a place for you to share your chive stories with the world.

Email me at with lies, curiosities, or a good yarn regarding chives and I’ll post it to the blog along with your name, telephone number and address (j/k!). This is a popularity contest, and the person who submits the best entry will get a special shout out and a crown. Oh, and this will by no means be a regularly scheduled post as I know the 10 of you who read this blog are very busy people.

Chicago and Chives

This evening, I am headed to the Windy City for a weekend of relaxation and culinary experimentation. In my pre-trip research, I discovered that Chicago and chives share much more than just 3 letters. Back in May, the Chicago Botanic Garden put the spotlight on chives with their recipe of the month…Chive Tartines with Smoked Salmon!